Российские граждане могут оформить визу в Тайланд в аэропортах:
1.“Дон Муанг” (Бангкок).
2.“Чанг Май”.
4.“Хат Йаи”.
Действует такая виза 15 дней, в случае просрочивания взымается штраф – 100 бат за день. Продлить ее можно в Иммиграционной службе Департамента полиции.


Офиц. инфа миграционной службы Тайланда:


TM. 7 (application must be made in person) 

Passport copy

Passport picture 4x6 cm

Application fee 1,900.- Baht

Foreigners applying for the first time for an extension of stay are given a 30 day extension from the date of expiry of the original admission, except for citizens of Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Togo, and Uganda, whose application for extension of stay will not be approved and the applicants are ordered to leave the kingdom within seven days.

If a foreigner wishes to apply for a second extension after being admitted to the Kingdom for 90 days,

the applicant is asked to report to the immigration office again in 15-30 days from the date of application, according to case if he produces evidence of necessity of extension, the applicant is asked to report to the immigration office again in 15 days from the date of application if the applicant does not produce evidence or documentation. During the period of consideration the applicant is allowed to remain in the Kingdom.